Product Name : Nu Film P

Suitable for the control of pests in vegetables, orchard and rice.

Nu Film P is a natural product (deriative of pine resin).

Nu Film P is a superior sticking specially designed to enhance the useful life of the insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, & foliar fertilisers
Benefits: -
  • Better spray deposition, greatly reduces run off and prevents re-wetting.

  • Helps pesticide sprays to penetrate and spread out uniformly on hairy or waxy leaves to get into cracks and services.

  • Protects loss during due to rain, irrigation, dew, and leaf abrasion. 

  • Dries rapidly into a waterproof film. It protects systematically translocated chemicals until they can penetrate and enter the plant tissue. 

  • It acts as a sunscreen, preventing degradation of the pesticide residue by ultraviolet light.

  • Protects the pesticide from heat decomposition by reflecting the solar radiation. 

  • Protects encapsulates pesticides before they can evaporate, allowing them to be released slowly for more effective use.


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