Product Name : Exit

Exit is effective with both water soluble and water insoluble agrochemicals. It is designed to increase deposition and surface activity of pesticides on the target crop, which allows for greater absorption over time under different environmental conditions.

Very suitable for systemic Fungicides and Insecticides


  • Improves efficacy of the Chemical
  • Better Control of the pests
  • Save costs less wastage of chemical
  • Less frequency of application



1 ml 1 L


Note:- Proper use of Adjuvants give maximum efficacy of the chemical used.

Step 1 - Always pre-mix EXIT before adding to the spray tank. Use 1 part of the EXIT in at least 5 parts of water.

Step 2 - Add the chemical in the spray tank.

Step 3 - Add the pre-mixed EXIT into the tank and have it stirred.


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