Product Name : Yield-Cab

Contains key nutrients of Calcium(10.5%), Magnesium(2.5%), Boron(2.5%) and Nitrogen(1.5%).

Stimulates active and strong flower pollens.


  • Enhances fruit setting.
  • Enhances development and growing of cells.
  • Builds strong cell wall, increases resistances to fruit rot and fruit cracking.
  • Improves fruit quality and shelf life.

  Usage Recommendation: 




Tropical fruits: Mango, Watermelon, Guava, Waxapple.

5 - 7.5 ml/4.5L

  • Apply 1-2 weeks before flowering.
  • Apply during blooming and early fuit setting.

Fruit Vegetables:Tomato, Chili, Okra, Cucumber, Beans.

  • Apply every 7-10 days during fruiting period.

Leafy Vegetables: Brassica sp., Kailan, Amaranthus sp.

  • Apply 7-10 days before harvesting.



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