Product Name : Baiclean

Baiclean is extracted from Halobios. It is a kind of new highly effective, bio-fertiliser. No toxicity and no residue. It can effectively improve plant tolerance to external stress.


Main ingredients:- 

N : 8.2%
P2O5 : 5.3% 
K2O : 2.5%


  • Promote plant growth
  • Improve the anti-adversity ability of palnts
  • Improve yield
  • Optimise quality
  • Prolong the storage of vegetables and fruits 

Application Method: 

  • Seeds :  Add 20ml of Baiclean in 20L of water and soak the seeds for 6 hours.  

  • Drenching: Add 30ml Baiclean in 20L of water and drench around the roots. 

  • Foliar application:  Add 30ml to 40ml of Baiclean in 20L of water and apply every seven days. Three applications per season.


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