Product Name : Mynocal
  Mynocal is a calcium amino acids chelates with calcium 100% available to the plants. The presence of Amino acids, a natural bio activator, improves the biological activity of the soil. It helps to correct calcium deficiencies in plants when applied as foliar spray

Active Ingredient: -

Amino Acids - 28.0% v/w 

Calcium        - 22.0% v/w







Calcium is macro element which moves slowly in the plant and it makes it necessary to carry out repeated applications of chelated calcium. 

  • Supplies calcium fully chelated with Amino Acids with mol. wt. of less than 400gm. per mole which helps faster penetration through stoma.
  • Improves soil structure by improving growth of soil micro organisms. It reduces pH of the soil with high sodium content from 9.0 to 7.5 by leading to less compact soil. (These two effects synergistically improve the porosity, aeration, permeability and water retention capacity of the soil.)
  • Reduces the salinity of the soil due to amino acids replaces sodium from the clay-humic structured complex encouraging its lixiviation and improving the soil structure.

Mynocal is an environmentally safe product and it is safe to plants, animals and human.


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