Product Name : Mynocid
  The use of chemical fertilisers & scientific management of plant nutrition has resulted into yield improvement. However to boost up immunity of crops it is essential to use amino acids.     

Mynocid has amino acid with mol. wt.lesss than 400gms per mole and penetrate through stoma of plants into physiochemical and biochemical system of plant.  

A.I.  Amino Acid  -11.9% 





  • Photosynthesis process is enhanced and leads to  better synthesis of chlorophyll and  helps to improve yield. 
  • Reduces flower and fruit drop.
  • Improves absorption of fertilisers
  • Helps to withstand stress conditions like drought, frost and attack of insect by improving immunity.
  • Improves yield and keeping quality of fruits, vegetables and other perennial crops.


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