Product Name : Nu Lure Insect Bait
  For control of fruit flies on starfruit, mango, jackfruit, citrus, chilli, guava, bitter gourd, melon and others.

Nu Lure Insect Bait contains proteins hyfrolysates which are highly attractive to both male and female fruit flies.

Nu Lure Insect Bait with insecticide is effective in killing fruit flies.

Just one fifth (1/5) of the normal volume of insecticide application need to be used. Only need to be sprayed in selected spot.

 Usage recommendation:- 


In 10 Litres water 

 Nu Lure

 150 ml


 As recommended


Nu Lure should be added last in the spray tank. Agitate well before application.

Adding Nu Film 17 (adjuvant) improves the efficacy of Nu Lure by preventing washouts and reduction in the degradation.

Nu Lure is compatible with insecticides like Malation, Spinosad, Trichlorfon, Fipronil, Aziphos Methyl, Imidacloprid, Carbaryl and Chlopyrifos.

  • For best results apply spray between 8 10a.m.

  • Apply between 30-60ml at the basal trunk or skirt area of the tree.

  • Repeat applications every 4-7 days until harvest. Avoid spraying during rainy weather.

  • For maximum efficacy avoid using Nu Lure with fungicides.

  • When high population exist then other methods of control should be used in conjunction with Nu Lure.


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