Product Name : Vapor Gard

Use VAPOR GARD to minimise transplanting shock especially during dry weather.

General Information :

VAPOR GARD  is a water emulsifiable organic concentrate for use on  plants to reduce water transpiration. The soft,flexible film formed after spray application dries, will significantly reduce moisture lost by the plant foliage.

  • Apply VAPOR GARD at least ONE HOUR, during daylight. Sunlight is needed for the protective film to set.

Usage Rate:-


VAPOR GARD in 1L Water

Oil Palm

30 ml


30 ml

Mucuna Bracteata

15 ml


Mixing methods:-

Step 1:- Pre-mix VAPOR GARD in water at the ratio at least 1:5

Step 2:- Fill in the spray tank with water

Step 3:- Add in the Pre-Mix VAPOR GARD gradually in the tank while agitating.


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