Product Name : Inter 12

A good alternative to 16L  to suit :-

1. ladies
2. people of small size

3. when VLV nozzles
 are used.
4. in high terrains

Features / Benefits

Tank Capacity 12 L
Retained Pressure sprayer
Light weight 3.05 kg
Tank made of polypropylene 3 yr warranty
Shock Proof & Non-corrosive base
0.5 metre fibre glass lance
Optional lance 1.0 metre/1.5 metre available
Light handle/lance less strain
Nozzle Tips made of polyacetal (last 400 working hrs)
Various optional LV/VLV Nozzles - suitable for herbicide, fungicide and insecticide.
Optional Pressure Regulator/Control Flow Valve
Easy maintenance No Tools required
Parts are easily available delivered by courier service
Accessories Nozzles

When selecting a sprayer you have to see that it fulfils  your needs effectively. Since productivity is important it is equally  important that the spray operator is provided with  the spray equipment which is comfortable, light in weight, easy to use and easy to maintain. At the same time genuine spare parts should be readily available without fail.

Inter 12  is an ideal sprayer especially in the oil palm and rubber plantation. Maintenance is simple and easy. No tools are required. The only time we might need a tool is  to  replace the cylinder. However in most cases the cylinder lasts  more than 2 years.

If you need continuous back up service try using Inter, that is, if you have not done so. However before you purchase do communicate with us so that we are with you right from the start.


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